The car is the star. And the architecture politely takes a back seat to shine a sexy spotlight on the featured players. At this new Audi dealership, luxury cars are framed by a bold yet subtle structure like precious jewels in a display case or masterpieces in a museum. Working for the architect and builder, Greg used the challenge of shooting during business hours to animate this state-of-the-art beacon of a building announcing the Audi brand. Sales associates confer with customers in showrooms, service staffers bustle efficiently around, while other customers happily relax in sophisticated and comfortable lounges.


Showcase luxury cars as as works of art in a museum or jewels in a display case.


Cuing a backdrop of twilight, the photography team made the most of a 15-minute window of prime sunset coloration to peek in on a radiant performance of automotive design. Pouncing on a golden opportunity, a second team member snapped the showroom from inside as the indigo dusk made a cameo appearance through the window walls.