Time to turn up the volume on luxury. Going up-close and personal with the richness and details will convince a home buyer to shell out the bigger bucks for something truly special. Working with the developers of a high-end housing community, Greg went to great heights to shine a discerning light on the luxuriousness of the home’s materials, finishes and amenities. A high-angle view on the exterior reveals color variations in the genuine stone façade. 

Special care was given to showcasing
the luxuriousness of the home’s materials.


Interiors were framed to look expansive and expensive with a technique that invites viewers to walk right into the room. Special camera and lighting magic puts a finer point on genuine wood floors, marble countertops, artwork, glass, mirrors and extensive windows ushering in natural light.


Highlighting details while overcoming glare, daylight, reflections and shadows are easily managed by an expert with the right bag of tricks. Getting ready for the close-up requires a lot work before that special moment arrives.