This is a continuation of my writing about Robert Frank. In 1981 or so I shot a photo of a hot dog cart on the streets of Philadelphia. A sign reading "Roberts Franks" appeared prominently in the photo. It was my visual pun on a Robert Frank street photograph. At the urging of a friend who taught photography, Arno Minkkinen, I sent a copy of the photo to Robert Frank. At the time Frank's address was simply his name and Mabou, Nova Scotia, Canada. Along with an 8x10 of my photo, I wrote a short letter in which I asked about his knowing Jack Kerouac, and Kerouac's death from alcoholism in his 40s.

Frank wrote back to me, and in commenting on Kerouac's life, he wrote, "every life has its tragedies, think of that Philadelphia hot dog vendor."

I need to rummage through my attic archives and find the original letter and the photo of "Roberts Franks".