Floss Barber and Dorothy.

Floss Barber and Dorothy.

As part of my series of portraits of movers and shakers of the building world, I photographed interior designer, Floss Barber at her offices. Her dog, Dorothy, became a key co-star in the photo.

When photographing people, I want the environment in the photograph to show the person, their activities and interests.

Floss runs an interior design studio, Floss Barber, Inc. and her office reflects her passions and focus. Large ceramic sculptures, by the artist, Robert M. Younger, stand tall by the conference room as if they had just materialized from a Greek archeological dig.

Pets become an integral part of our lives and Dorothy was always at the office. Sadly, since I took this photo in the fall of 2012, Dorothy passed away at age 12. In Dorothy’s obit, Floss says that at the office, the dog ended up advising her staff on the correct carpets for her high-end customers. She had a particular affinity for wool and silk blends.