It’s bigger, better and ready to welcome the world. A recent, multimillion-dollar expansion further elevated the Pennsylvania Convention Center into a world-class venue that can easily host the largest of international events. Now three blocks long and one block deep, new interior spaces make football fields feel inadequate. Working for the owner, the architect and two builders multiplied by four the importance of gathering intelligence on each client’s goals before any cameras left their cases.

Greg coordinated with the lighting designer to best feature the ever-changing façade lights.



Interior shots were framed to capture monumental expanses of event space with techniques of scale like staging a single body strolling through a vast corridor. Photographing exteriors in the heart of bustling Philadelphia required dogged determination and diplomatic negotiations to unveil new cutting-edge façades without surrounding displays of urbanity stealing the show.


Greg worked with the lighting designer to best feature ever-changing lights on Broad Street’s grand entrance and coordinated with the Greater Philadelphia Film Office to prevent cars from parking in front. Passing traffic was transformed into streaks of light to add motion and color without distracting from the drama of the building itself.