Greg’s no stranger to aerial photography, having successfully staged dozens of shoots from helicopters over the years. But thanks to advances in UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) – or, to put it more simply, drones – he can now pilot his own “aircraft,” achieving angles and perspectives for his clients without sacrificing clarity, quality or affordability.

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Drone technology has literally raised the bar.

Months of training earned Greg an FAA 107 license, allowing him to operate a UAV for commercial purposes. But technology never stands still. As he got better, drones got better. Better cameras. Better stability. More flexibility and greater agility. Drone technology has literally raised the bar for aerial photography.


His Phantom 4 Pro from drone maker DJI is an incredible flying camera. Among its many features is a lens with minimal distortion (meaning straight lines stay straight) and a wide-angle lens that’s great for photographing buildings from multiple distances. It’s largely responsible for the images you see here.