How best to promote an as-yet-to-be-built building when there’s no there, there yet?

That was the question posed to Greg and company when real estate powerhouse CBRE and Ridgeline Property Group found themselves at a literal crossroads over pitching their new Crossroads Logistics Center to prospective tenants.

From script and storyboard to computer animation and cinematography, Team Benson handled it all.

Team Benson’s solution was to turn to video to tell the story, aided by the strategic use of computer animation to bring structure, dimension and context to all that had yet to be built. From script, storyboard and cinematography to locating the right CAD artist and even scoring the music, Benson Photography handled it all. 

Working from original architectural drawings, the building was “built,” along with parking and the surrounding landscape. Lead graphics designer and editor Lilly Benson directed the angles and fly-around of the building. Greg shot stills from a helicopter that were used to show the site's proximity to major highways. 

Animated titles and maps not only emphasized key selling points, but also added dynamic motion and engagement. Original music enhanced the rhythm and flow throughout the 2-minute presentation.  

Since the video’s completion, CBRE has used it in targeted e-mail blasts with very satisfying results.